Our Story, Our Vision


In 1987 Cheryl and Dick Shaw founded Little Colorado in Golden, Colorado, at the base of the Rocky Mountains. From day one, they set their sights on building high quality wooden toddler furniture at a reasonable price, and for thirty years now, as competitors moved manufacturing to Asia, Cheryl and Dick committed to making all their products in America.

In 2016 Cheryl and Dick sold the business to Noelle Baker and Bill Hare. Noelle and Bill are dedicated to continuing the Little Colorado tradition—joined by their son, Lawton. Together, we move into the twenty-first century as a family-run business, faithful to building wooden toddler furniture in Denver, Colorado. In the past as in the future, Little Colorado offers affordable, lasting products for growing families to enjoy—so much so that they become heirlooms.

Looking forward, we aim to enlarge and invigorate our product line. Little Colorado will always design and build wooden toddler furniture, but our style is evolving to include modern as well as classic designs.

Our Vision
  • Our furniture is a durable part of the fun and discovery that is essential to a toddler’s world.
  • We love wood and believe it is more beautiful and sustainable than plastic.
  • All our furniture is designed and built to last—from one generation to the next.
  • Our products vary in price based on design and materials, but we always strive to fit the budgets of average American families.
  • We are proud to construct our furniture in the United States because that commitment allows us to pay our employees a living wage and lessen our carbon footprint. “Made in America” means sustainability as well as patriotism.
  • We build wooden toddler furniture—rather than cribs for babies or bunk beds for teens—because that focus helps us maintain our allegiance to value and affordability.
  • “Modern” means functional, clean, and beautiful products. If toddler furniture is going to be passed down as an heirloom, as we hope ours will, the design must pass the test of time.
  • Authenticity and honesty matter in everything we do.
  • Sustainability means giving back. We support the earth that nurtures trees, the American soldiers and stewards who protect our soil, and the children who will inherit it.