Do you ship to Canada?

Yes we do. Call Debra for more information: 303-964-3212

Do you ship internationally?

We do ship internationally! Call Debra for more information: 303-964-3212

What is your Return Policy?


Is your furniture 100% manufactured in the USA?

Yes, and we are very proud of it. For more information on this subject please refer to our ABOUT page.

Can I use your furniture outside?

We do not recommended or guarantee our products for outdoor use, except for the products listed as outdoor products. As noted on the applicable product pages, even our outdoor products are not recommended for outdoors if they are unfinished or completed in our natural finish.

What is MDF?

MDF is Medium Density Fiberboard. It is made from post-industrial recycled wood fiber (all the shavings and scraps that come from wood when cutting it into lumber). These fibers are then fused together using a binder, under heat and pressure to create sheets.

What is Baltic Birch?

Baltic Birch plywood is quite different from the exterior grade plywood that may be most familiar to you. Our Baltic Birch holds more layers than does typical plywood, making it much stronger. It also is graded higher, so it is suitable for furniture. It is patched where naturally-occurring knots developed. Baltic Birch is one material that we routinely source from outside the USA—we get most of it from the European Baltics and do so because that region provides the most consistent, quality wood.

Is Little Colorado MDF wood formaldehyde free?

No, but it is close. Our MDF products are made from CARB (California Air Resources Board)-compliant materials. We observe current regulations, requiring that emissions of formaldehyde to be less than 0.05 parts per million (less than 0.000005%).

Where are Little Colorado products manufactured?

Everything we sell is manufactured in Denver Colorado. Come visit!

What are the recommended ages for the product I’m interested in purchasing?

Age rating can be found on the individual product pages of our web site. Go to SHOP PRODUCTS and then to the individual category you are interested in purchasing.

What are the weight and dimensions of the product I’m interested in purchasing?

The weight and dimensions for each product can be found on the individual product pages of our website. Go to SHOP PRODUCTS and then to the individual category you are interested in purchasing.

What is the shipping location for Little Colorado furniture?

Everything ships from our factory in Denver, Colorado.

Where can I get a copy of the assembly instructions for my product?

You can download and print a PDF version from the applicable product page of our website.

What if my product is missing parts?

Please identify which part is missing, then email us at customerservice@littlecolorado.com with this information and with the appropriate shipping address.

How much will shipping cost?

Each of our product pages identifies the shipping cost of individual items. We use an average shipping cost so that a customer at a location 1000 miles away pays the same amount as someone 100 miles away. You may notice that our shipping costs vary widely. That differential is largely due to the fact that some items are sent “flat packed” (disassembled or partly assembled), while others ship fully assembled.

Do you offer express shipping?

Yes we do. Call Debra for more information: 303-964-3212

Can I place an order and send it as a gift?

Because we send so many direct gifts, all orders are sent without a receipt and ready to enjoy. If you’d like to leave a gift message, please do so in the field at checkout, and we will include it with the package.

What is “toddler bed registration,” and why do you offer it?

We are required by law to offer it. Toddler beds are one of the few products we make that are regulated by the U.S. government. We are required to safety test them every other year and to keep a registration log of all beds that opt to register.

Can I pick up my order at your factory in Denver?

For sure! We love to have customers visit. We would recommend you call or e-mail us in advance.

How long will it take for my products to be made and shipped?

For items purchased through our website, you will receive a confirming e-mail from our customer service department that will provide an estimate of when your order will ship.

What are your warranty terms and conditions?

Please see our complete warranty details under the FINE PRINT page of our website.

What colors can I choose?

Each product page has a drop-down box listing the specific colors available for each piece of furniture.

How can I find out the dimensions of a product?

The dimensions of any product are listed at the top of the product page under SHOP PRODUCTS.

How do I assemble my new furniture, and what tools will I need?

Each of our product descriptions note whether the item is fully assembled or requires assembly. PDF files of all products are available as well, and some of the products offer videos that demonstrate how the furniture may be assembled. The PDF will tell you specifically what tools are needed—if any.

How long will it take to assemble my new furniture?

The answer depends on the product you have purchased, but we work hard to ensure that assembly is a quick and easy process. Partially assembled products like our Arts & Crafts Table may take only 15 minutes, while larger, more complicated and fully unassembled products like our Classic Wardrobe could take up to an hour’s time. The time needed for furniture assembly will also be impacted by your own level of expertise—and whether a family member or friend can provide assistance.

What payment types do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal.

Is it safe to pay by credit card?

We strive to make credit card purchases as safe as possible. We use the fully encrypted PayPal payment gateway that offers the most advanced credit card security. We do not store or have future access to any credit card information that you enter into our website.

My computer froze while processing a payment. How will I know whether my payment registered successfully?

All successful transactions will receive a confirmation e-mail the following day. If you have not received a confirmation via email within 24 hours, please try placing your order again. Alternatively, do not hesitate to contact us at customerservice@littlecolorado.com.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a payment method for online purchases that allows users to send and receive money online. PayPal offers a fast, safe, and easy method of payment without disclosing your credit card or other financial information to the merchant.

Do you keep my credit card details?

We do not store your credit card information.