How We Build

All Little Colorado products are made from wood—not from plastic or veneer. We use three primary wood types: Baltic Birch plywood, Edge-glued Pine and MDF (compressed sawdust). Each wood type has its own strengths and shortcomings. For instance, MDF produces the best, smoothest surface for painting and personalization. On the other hand, if you love to see the natural grain of wood, you might choose Baltic Birch or Edge-glued Pine. Baltic Birch offers added strength, but Edge-glued Pine is easier on the pocket.


Our product line is an even mix of ready-to-assemble and fully assembled products to suit your preference. Some product designs lend themselves to one or the other configuration, however.


We call our furniture “hand crafted” because it is all fully constructed by hand. We don’t use the term “hand made” because we do use computer-controlled or “CNC” routers to cut many parts. Maybe this distinction seems like we are splitting hairs, but we want to be clear about the difference. CNC routers manufacture with the greatest accuracy and efficiency. We believe the hand craftsmanship in our assembly and finishing shows through in the final product and provides tangible value to our customers. Yes, the automation of the CNC routers we use for cutting parts and pieces takes a little of the romance out of what we do, but it also allows us to meet the affordability goal in our vision.


Assembly, finishing, and packaging are all completed by hand in our Denver plant. We are proud of our safety record and low employee turnover. We do have three spray booths on site for applying paint and stain. All of the stains and paints we use are water based and low VOC (volatile organic compound: chemical additives).



We take sustainability seriously. From the materials we source, to the processes we employ, and the wages we pay, we believe we need to make day-to-day choices that are good for our generation and those to come. We strive to offer all our employees a competitive wage, a challenging and supportive work environment, and the opportunity to grow in their responsibilities or expand their capabilities.


If you are curious about more details please give us a call or refer to our FAQ page, where we continue to assemble a list of answers to the questions we hear repeatedly.