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Three Adorable New Toy Boxes: A Collaboration with Bannor Toys

We are incredibly excited to announce that on Thursday, May 16, Little Colorado will be launching three new toy boxes—all in playful, modern silhouette shapes with no lid. Meet WhaleElephant, and Train, designed by Bannor Toys
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Spring into New Product Season with Little Colorado!

We are excited about the next few months at Little Colorado. You can expect to see lots of new products in the pipeline, and we are announcing the...
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Designing Your Dream Playroom

Whether you’re a first-time parent, grandparents hoping for sleepovers, or a mom and dad looking for inspiration to redecorate, designing a dream play room for a child can be a delightful adventure. Whatever you choose, you can be comfortable knowing that Little Colorado's heirloom-quality wooden toddler furniture is non-toxic, sturdy, long lasting, and sustainable. All our designs are handcrafted in Denver, Colorado.
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Handcrafted Furniture that Allows Your Child's Imagination (and Yours) to Run Free!

Unstructured play is fun, spontaneous, creative, and inspirational.  It powerfully fosters children’s curiosity and imaginative growth. That’s why when you purchase Little Colorado’s wooden toddler furniture, you’re often getting a bonus: heirloom-quality pieces that are built durably and sustainably and kick-starters to imaginative dreams.

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#BalanceforBetter Is the International Women's Day Theme for 2019: and We Love It!

March is Women’s History Month, and March 8 is International Women’s Day. The campaign theme for 2019 is #BalanceforBetter—meaning that “a balanced world is a better world.” We agree. #BalanceforBetter asks us to celebrate the achievements of women and girls, increase awareness of bias, and take a stand against social injustice. After all, women's rights, gender equity, and the #MeToo movement are not just women's causes. Social parity benefits us all, so men should embrace #BalanceforBetter right alongside women.

#BalanceforBetter is a wonderful theme. Let us explain why we love it and how we see it in as integral to Little Colorado. Read on to find out why.

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Winter snows are melting, and we're thinking about outdoor toddler furniture

Winter is melting into spring, and Little Colorado's Adirondack toddler furniture is perfect for your little ones.
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Put an End to the Toy Takeover! Toy Storage and Organization Ideas

All parents know the sinking feeling of walking into a messy toy-ridden room after a long toddler play session. Whether your child left a few toys here and there or you have no idea where the floor ends and the toys begin, we have some toy storage tips to help combat the inevitable toy takeover! Read on to stop the madness!
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Toddler Books: Best of 2018

Even during the busy holiday season we take an occasional break from handcrafting American-made kids' furniture. Reading about the best new books for the year is one of our favorite excuses.

This year we consulted the New York Times, Brightly, and Fatherly for help, and we've selected some awesome books for your kids (in no particular order).

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Season's Greetings and Holiday Cheer

This is our busiest time of year. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we work long days as we handcraft our American-made kids' furniture for your toddlers. Our work week complete, we enjoyed a holiday party—very happy to take a break and celebrate the things we hold dear with our employees and their families.
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Looking for a Top-Ranking Play Table? Save 30% in December.

During the month of December, our best-selling Large Kids Play Table and Half Play Table will be on sale, along with the double and single Storage Drawers that can be purchased with them.

The 30% off sale is available on our website and at our Denver showroom. Just use the discount code PLAY30OFF.

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Hate Staying Up on Christmas Eve to Build Your Toddler's Gifts? We Have a Solution.

Most parents can tell the sad tale of a Christmas Eve night wrecked by a seemingly endless assembly nightmare. Surrounded by tools and foiled by missing parts and confusing diagrams, they vow, "Never again!" 

We get it, and even better, we have a solution.

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Forget Shopping! Five Fun Things to Do with Your Kids on Black Friday

For some of us, Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, and for many of us, the following day is a consumer adventure--in shops if we have the day off, or online. We discovered a few alternatives, ranked in no particular order. Read on to learn a bit more. 
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