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February 05, 2018 3 min read

Playful Panda Nursery

Are you a new parent, setting up your toddler's playroom for the first time—or an experienced mom trying to manage the needs of children of differing ages? In either case, it is essential to create an adorable, inviting space for playing and to minimize mess with space-appropriate storage. And adorable playrooms work the best when they encourage kids' natural creativity. Parents and teachers know that children learn by investigating, role-playing, and using their imagination. That's why we look for creative, interactive designs when we dream up new lines for our toddler furniture.

Here are 5 pieces of handcrafted furniture that will make your toddler's playroom adorable—all while offering vital stimulation and de-cluttering storage options

1. The Owyn Toy Box, by Mod Mom Furniture

Owyn Toy Box

Kiersten Hathcock's Mod Mom furniture designs have been featured on ABC's Shark Tank, in the New York Times, Dwell, and Better Homes and Gardens. And now we're building them exclusively. The Owyn Toy Box is an heirloom-quality, modern storage piece designed to look good in any room of the house, but it will be especially adorable in the playroom. Two lift-off, puzzle-piece lids help make putting toys away more fun, but before that happens, your kids may decide to act out an impromptu playroom theater with their stuffed animals, using the Owyn Toy Box as their stage.

2. Friendly Fox Bookcase

Friendly Fox Bookcase

So much more than a storage shelf for books and small toys, this charming fox will become your child's new best friend. Perfectly suited for adorable playrooms, Friendly Fox will also inspire imaginative stories, dreams, and play dates, just like the books it holds and protects. Check out the Playful Panda Bookcase if you'd like a pair.

3. "Little Prints" Animal Alphabet Toy Storage Box

"Little Prints" Animal Alphabet Toy Storage Box

The Animal Alphabet Toy Storage Box is part of our Little Prints printed toy box line. An adorable animal is hiding inside each letter, and toddlers quickly realize that learning the alphabet is just as fun as recognizing the appearance of their favorite animals. Little Prints Toy Storage Boxes are a recent addition to our American-made kids' furniture line, so check out the rest of this series: the T-Rex, "TOYS," "MOOO," "So Many Toys," and Field of Flowers.

4. School Bus Toy Box

School Bus Toy Box 

Just launched in 2017, our School Bus Toy Boxbreaks out of the traditional mold and has some fun, and it is truly one of a kind: there is no other wooden toy box like it on the market. This adorable toy box design conjures up crisp fall leaves and the exhilarating anticipation of grown-up school days. Our School Bus Toy Box comes with a lid or without, but both options incorporate a handy book shelf within easy reach so children can share their favorite board books and stories. Customers tell us that kids like to climb inside and pretend to drive their toys to school.

5. Play Stand & Arches

 Play Stand and Arch in Playroom

Our Play Stand & Arches set includes two components and is a versatile creative play accessory. Is it a house? A theater? A kitchen? A bedroom? Let your toddler decide. Combined with and without the Arch, drapes, and wooden clips, it has been used for many years by Waldorf® School and others as a foundation for inventive play and learning. And while the Play Stand & Arches set is intended to encourage invention and self-directed play, the stands also offer convenient places for kids to stack and store their books and small toys.

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