A handwritten note makes a gift so much more memorable

Elephant Wooden Toy Box designed by Bannor Toys and handcrafted by Little Colorado

I learned long ago with Noelle that when giving her a gift, the card is the most important part. A card allows the sentiment of the gift to wash over the recipient. I have cards from Noelle that I have saved for years because her note meant so much to me. And the card is that much more special when you see those words written by hand—from one person to another.

Our handwritten note cards represent another important way that we stand out from online giants like Amazon, or from many of our competitors who manufacture plastic products in Asia. We are proud to handcraft our wooden toddler furniture in Denver, Colorado, where one of our employees will personally write out your special message for the kiddo in your life, whether she is one of your friends' toddlers or a precious niece, or whether he is a grandkid or treasured nephew. And it doesn’t matter how big or small the gift—from our Classic Step Stool and Doll Cradle, to our Toddler Picnic Table and Captain’s Chest, to our brand new Elephant, Train, and Whale Toy Boxes, designed by Bannor Toys—it will be constructed with care, just like the handwritten note cards we pack into the same box.

We want to remind our website visitors that we will write out a card by hand and include it with their gift. There is no extra charge for a handwritten note: just add it to the comments when ordering on our website. Sure, your toddler may need some help reading the card, but the love expressed there will make an amazing impact. As with the card pictured here, a handwritten note gives you a chance to express your love or share a short story. And maybe it also offers an opportunity to help your favorite little ones learn the alphabet. Shared love lasts!


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