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October 21, 2019 3 min read

Little Colorado has long been the leader in high-quality knotty pine toddler furniture. Historically, we have emphasized knotty pine because it was a good match with the traditional styling of our products (more rustic or country-influenced, if you will).  Over the past 5-10 years, two trends have emerged, both of which are pushing us toward Baltic birch. First, is the shift toward a modern design aesthetic, which is more suited to Baltic birch. In a second development, fewer and fewer suppliers are offering high-quality (tight grain) edge-glued knotty pine. Today, we see continued demand for both knotty pine and Baltic birch in the toddler furniture market, and we like being only one of a few manufacturers who can offer multiple options (including painted MDF) to customers. So, over the next few weeks we will be adding Baltic birch versions of some of our favorite products, including our Play Stands, Arts & Crafts Table, Open Back Chair, Toy Storage Chest, Nine Bin Organizer, Step Stool, and the Traditional Toddler Bed.  

One of the main attractions of our furniture is that our materials are eco-friendly and non-toxic: knotty pine and Baltic birch plywood are sustainably forested and contain no added formaldehyde. We supply both kinds of wood as options in our product line to maintain those characteristics and to keep your little ones safe.

Our goal is to offer you the highest quality furniture. Knotty pine and Baltic birch display different characteristics, so when creating the initial design, we determine what material is best for each of our products. As a result, some items are only manufactured in one wood source or the other. When both choices are available, we are confident that your child’s new furniture will stand any kind of toddler wear and tear in either knotty pine or Baltic birch.

Appearance and Construction

Little Colorado Baltic Birch Toddler ChairBaltic birch is plywood that is manufactured and named after its countries of origin, the Baltic states of Finland and Russia. It offers an attractive stacked edge that exposes layers of plywood, light color, and uniform texture. Furniture and other items sourced with Baltic birch have become increasingly popular in Montessori and Scandinavian style décor. Birch offers durability and consistency, making it a great option for our high-quality toddler furniture, including play tables, toy boxes and other storage, toddler beds, and more.

Little Colorado Toddler Knotty Pine ChairKnotty pine is a solid wood and is grown worldwide. The prominent grain and color of knotty pine is often considered more rustic and craftsman-like in style. Knotty pine is a soft wood, so it can be prone to scratches and dents. That said, it is not susceptible to bowing or warping. This stiffness makes knotty pine a good choice for furniture. Due to the knots and texture of the wood, pine is often stained instead of painted. Most of our pine toy boxes come in several stain options, including natural, espresso, and honey oak.


One of the key reasons we are beginning to offer products in both a Baltic birch and knotty pine option is their reflective price points. We understand that every home décor choice comes with a unique budget.

We only buy the very best northern pine. Unfortunately, however, over the past two years pricing has increased 30-40%. Premium pine costs have escalated because demand has continued to grow while the supply has not. Edge-Glued knotty northern pine of the quality we use is only manufactured by a half dozen suppliers worldwide!

On the other hand, Baltic birch is manufactured by scores of suppliers, and although the price spiked last year, it has now moderated somewhat and continues to be a cost-effective option for kids and toddler furniture.

We will continue to offer all of the products you already know and love—like our personalized wooden toy boxesactivity tables, and more. 

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