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December 27, 2018 3 min read

Little Colorado Traditional Wood Toddler Bed

Even during the busy holiday season we take an occasional break from handcrafting American-made kids' furniture. Reading about the best new books for the year is one of our favorite excuses.

This year we consulted the New York Times, Brightly, and Fatherly for help, and we've selected some awesome books for your kids (in no particular order).

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1. Matt de la Peña, Love, illustrated by Loren Long (ages 4-8)


Newbury-Medal winner la Peña's charming narrative depicts the limitless ways children experience love, from the minute of their own birth to every day of life. Love can be everywhere and everything, even in city street noises and smells during a bumpy cab ride.

2. Jörg Mühle, Poor Little Rabbit (ages 5-6)

Poor Little Rabbit

This interactive board book encourages kids to "help" little rabbit with his boo-boo by blowing on the scrape, wiping his tears, and helping with the Band-Aid. Isn't it grown up to say "All better!" to the sad little bunny?

3. Joseph Kuefler, The Digger and the Flower (ages 4-8)

The Digger and the Flower

Among his fellow construction friends Dozer and Crane, Digger is known as a softy for beauty. When he discovers a little blue flower caught up in the construction rubble, he vows to save and nurture it. 

4. Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Don't Blink, illustrated by David Roberts (ages 3-7)

Don't Blink

This interactive bedtime story book dares toddlers not to fall asleep, but every time they blink, the story—as told by a clever owl—advances another page. Can your little one meet the challenge?

5. Joshua David Stein, Brick: Who Found Herself in Architecture, illustrated by Julia Rothman (ages 4-7)

Brick who found herself in architecture

Stein's little brick is trying to find herself in the world, inspired by the idea that "great things begin with small bricks." She sees and finds herself in famous brick architecture all around the world—from temples to walls and apartment buildings. 

6. Jean Jullian, Why the Face? (ages 3-5)

Why the Face?

Graphic artist Jean Jullian's hilarious board book encourages kids' sense of empathy and emotional intelligence by challenging them to decipher page after page of outrageous facial expressions. After guessing the source of each expression, a fold-out flap displays the big reveal—for instance, a grossed-out face's flap opens to a trash can, stinky cheese, and an elephant's posterior. 

7. Jory John, Giraffe Problems, illustrated by Lane Smith (ages 3-7)

Giraffe problems

Edward the giraffe can't figure out why his neck is so different from other animals. "It's TOO LONG," he thinks, while searching for ways to hide the monstrosity. In a gesture of friendship and understanding, a turtle helps him accept his neck and himself. After all, who can showcase a bow tie better than a giraffe?

8. Jillian Tamaki, They Say Blue (ages 5-7)

They Say Blue

Tamaki's playful narrative and illustrations enable us to witness the exciting ways that a young girl can experience the world in color—both through the places, people, and creatures found in daily life and through objects she can only imagine. Toddlers will learn to think about their own angle of vision: why, for example, does blue water change color when cupped in your hand? 

9. Drew Beckmeyer, The Long Island (ages 4-8)

The Long Island

A story of exploration and discovery, imagination and mystery, The Long Island will prompt endless questions and conversations between children and their parents. Five travelers set out to find out what is on the other side of an island. Danger, excitement, and wonder ensue.

10. Cirocco Dunlap, Crunch, the Shy Dinosaur, illustrated by Greg Pizzoli (ages 3-7)

Crunch the Shy Dinosaur

We all feel shy sometimes and need help learning how to make friends! Crunch the brontosaurus is full of contradictions: he sports funny dance moves but is so shy he hides in the bushes. This sweet and funny story helps your little ones understand that we can be friends with someone who is not exactly like us. 

Thanks for reading! Please check out all our handcrafted wooden bookcases for kids and let us know what you think of our book selection on social media!

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