Creative Play for the Holidays

This week at Little Colorado we're highlighting some of our products that foster creative play. While we've often observed that toddlers can use their awesome imaginations to turn the simplest object into loads of fun, our Doll Cradle and Large and Half Play Table create the perfect inspiration for make believe games. Similarly, although our lidless School Bus Toy Box makes every treasure instantly accessible, we find that many children want to climb inside and drive it. "The wheels on the bus go round and round," right? The same goes for Little Colorado's Pull Cart, Play Stand, and Play Stand and Arches, all of which become the center of hours of toddler fantasy. On the other hand, some other items, like our Arts and Crafts Table and Lego/Duplo Compatible Activity Table, prompt toddlers to artistry as well as play, and they prove that engaged children are artists, engineers, and builders in the making.

Let the fun begin!


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