Great Press on Little Colorado's Partnership with Mod Mom Furniture

The licensing partnership between Little Colorado and Mod Mom Furniture is getting some press. 

The Denver Business Journal and Kids Today are sharing the exciting news about our partnership with Mod Mom Furniture.

Quoting Mod Mom CEO Kiersten Hathcock in "Colorado Furniture Company Inks Deal to sell 'Shark Tank'-Featured Toy Boxes," Kids Today's Thomas Russell emphasizes both companies' dedication to handcrafting American-made wooden furniture that is as beautiful as it is safe for children. “As a mom of two and a self-taught carpenter, I put my heart and soul into designing and producing safe, well-made kids furniture right here in America,” she said. “I was thrilled to learn Little Colorado feels the same way I do and has successfully made it their mission to do just that for three decades.”

Caitlin Handee, of Denver's Business Journal, highlights our mutual excitement with the deal. “This new partnership is a wish come true for me — my idea of the American dream, indeed," Hathcock said. “The icing on the cake is the toy boxes themselves,” Hare added. “These are truly unique designs that we are privileged to be manufacturing and marketing. We intend to establish all of Mod Mom’s current product line during the course of 2018 and then work with [Hathcock] on new designs for the years to come.”

Thanks, Denver Business Journal and Kids Today!

Kids Today

Denver Business Journal

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