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March 19, 2019 2 min read

Little Colorado Waldorf Play Stands and Arches

We all know what kids can do with boxes, blankets, pots and pans, sand . . . and even their food. We well remember a favorite toddler who could paint the walls, his high chair, and even his face with food. It was truly awe-inspiring until you had to clean it up.

But all joking aside, unstructured play is fun, spontaneous, creative, and inspirational. It fosters children’s curiosity and imaginative growth powerfully. That’s why when you purchase Little Colorado’s wooden toddler furniture, you’re often getting a bonus: heirloom-quality pieces that are built durably and sustainably as well as amazing kick-starters to imaginative dreams.

Some pieces are no-brainers. Take our doll cradle—the perfect way for your kids to pretend they are mommies and daddies, like their parents. Or maybe they’re babysitting, instead, like their older siblings. Stuffed animals, dolls, and even a compliant small pet can be rocked, sung to, and offered favorite bedtime stories.

What about the Little Colorado Pull Cart? Filled with her favorite stuffed animals, it becomes a carriage, and she’s her favorite palomino pony (or perhaps Black Beauty), taking her friends all around the city. Or maybe the pull cart is a train, and she’s the conductor. But why stay on the ground: it can also be a spaceship or a sailboat. Can’t you see the exotic fish? Personalize your toddler's Pull Cart so people know it’s hers—and no one else’s: it will be all the more special for that reason.

And then there is our nationally-rankedand best-selling Large Kids Play Table: the perfect stage for a play with dolls and stuffed animals, an expansive space for a train set, or the launching place for a Lego city, rocket, or Star Wars adventure. Our Arts & Crafts Table and Chair Set can just as easily stand up to your child’s creativity and imagination, from drawing, cutting and pasting, modeling with homemade play dough, or crafting paper stars. Add a blanket, and presto: a fort!

And don’t forget our Waldorf Wooden Play Stands and Arches. From standing under the lights of a concert hall, to snuggling down in their own make-believe house, to crafting a sturdy blanket fort, they are a fun addition to your home and your little ones’ play time.

Finally, your children’s creativity doesn’t end, and neither should yours. Repurpose the furniture as they grow. Our DIY moms and dads have shown us what amazing things they can do with our unfinished pieces. Our handcrafted furniture products are built to last a lifetime.

Handcrafted Little Colorado Arts & Crafts Table

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