Hate Staying Up on Christmas Eve to Build Your Toddler's Gifts? We Have a Solution.


Photo by Maximiliano Ignacio Pinilla Alvarado from Pexels

Most parents can tell the sad tale of a Christmas Eve night wrecked by a seemingly endless assembly nightmare. Surrounded by tools and foiled by missing parts and confusing diagrams, they vow, "Never again!" 

We get it. So while some of our toddler furniture requires complete assembly, other productslike our Pull Cart and Mod Mom Furnitureonly need a castor.

And even better, some of our most popular pieces—from toy boxes, bookcases, and bedside stands to doll cradles and shelves—ship straight from our Denver plant to your front door fully assembled. All a weary parent has to do is stick a big bow on the gift and place it under the tree. We've got you covered.

Read on to see a few of our fully-assembled pieces: 



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