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February 08, 2018 2 min read

We are bringing printed toy boxes to our established brand of American-made kids' furniture: "Little Prints." These playful toy boxes are guaranteed to bring your child's playroom to life, all while providing practical storage options. Select one of six printed images to decorate the front of our most popular toy box, the Toy Storage Box.


This design fits every toddler's play space, because what is a playroom without toys? But this piece of toddler furniture comes with a reminder. Even the most beloved treasure should be put away at the end of the day. And to make that task safe for children, we use the very best lid support available: it ensures your toddler's safety by holding the lid's position at any angle. Cutout handles and a front finger cutout also keep little fingers from getting caught.

Little Prints TOYS Toy Storage Box

2. "Mooo" Cow

Are you decorating with an animal theme? Your child will love this delightful cow design. And this prompt will also help your little one practice animal sounds, from "Meow," to "Woof," to "Mooo"!

Little Prints "Mooo" Toy Storage Box

3. T-Rex

Lots of kids love dinosaurs, as well as the fun challenge of learning their long names. If your child is dino-crazed, T-Rex is the ideal storage accessory. 

Little Prints T-Rex Toy Storage Box

4. Field of Flowers

Field of Flowers took Denver by storm during its inaugural launch at our local Horseshoe Holiday Market, and this sweet toy box is perfect for the child who loves wildflowers, like we do in Denver.

Little Prints Field of Flowers Toy Storage Box

5. "So Many Toys"

The idea of owning "So Many Toys" is an exciting one for every toddler, but this adorable storage option also helps kids learn the names of toys as they put them away--from trucks, to ducks, to horses and helicopters. 

Little Prints "So Many Toys" Toy Storage Box

6. Animal Alphabet

The Animal Alphabet Toy Storage Box helps kids learn their alphabet and animal names while they play. The next challenge: grouping letters into words!

Little Prints Animal Alphabet Toy Storage Box

No matter which design best suits your toddler's room and personality, these graphics add a playful spin to our handcrafted furniture, and the uniqueness of our Little Prints storage options will also give your little one a real sense of attachment and ownership.  


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