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February 12, 2018 1 min read

School Bus Toy Box

Hubba, hubba! We are delighted to announce that Hubba named our lidded School Bus Toy Box one of the best new products of 2017 for kids, babies, and toys. This innovative toy box joined our line of American-made kids' furniture in the fall of 2017.

Hubba is a software platform that aims to become the LinkedIn for wholesale brands, buyers, and influencers; to date, it connects over 50,000 of these brands and retailers in its online commerce community. As Hubba founder Ben Zifkin recently explained in Forbes, his company prides itself for its distinctive ability to identify "unique," "up-and-coming brands" that will differentiate buyers' homes and retail spaces.

School Bus Toy Box

We're thrilled a piece of our toddler furniture made the grade and know why the School Bus Toy Box is one of these special up-and-comers: there is no wooden toy box like it on the market. And like all our handcrafted furniture, this school bus is sturdy enough for several generations to enjoy. Customers tell us that their kids like to pretend to drive their toys to school.

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