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April 23, 2018 2 min read

We're excited to announce our re-launch of the Gracie Storage Chest, designed by mom-of-two, "Mod Mom" Kiersten Hathcock—winner of ABC's Shark Tank. Her inspiration for Gracie was her grandmother's old split-top record player. 

Gracie is a classic mid-century modern storage piece meant to look good in any room of the house, long after your kids are grown (that's why we call it a storage box). We think Gracie's timeless style adds new meaning to the heirloom quality of all our American-made kids' furniture.

Gracie Toy Box from Kiersten Hathcock winner of ABC's Shark Tank

All of our furniture reflects what we call "heirloom-quality" characteristics, but various elements of quality are at play with different pieces. In Gracie's case there are three primary elements:

1. We use Baltic birch plywood, rather than particle board and a plastic veneer.  

2. We design our toddler and kids' furniture to incorporate construction techniques and components that reinforce the strength and durability of our products. For instance, dado joints are used throughout, and the lid support is the best available, holding both lids open at any angle. Dado joints allow perpendicular sides of furniture to fit tightly and securely togetherfar better than the all-too-common practice of just butting the two sides together with glue.

3. Most toddler furniture is manufactured totally un-assembled, because that method is cheaper to manufacture and ship. Gracie is shipped to you almost fully assembled. All you do is screw the legs into the flanges on the bottom of the box. NO TOOLS REQUIRED. Not only does this make your life so much easier, but it allows us to build a stronger more durable storage box. 

The quality of our source wood and design features ensure that our toddler and kids' furniture will stand up to multi-generational play, from parent, to child, to grandchild.

Gracie is all of the above and more, since parents won't want to part with this handsome piece, even when their grown children clamor that the storage box they remember from childhood is perfect for their own toddlers.

Enduring quality and a polished, mid-century modern style will guarantee Gracie's passage to future generations, just a tad more slowly than some might like.

Our next Mod Mom Furniture re-launch is the adorable Bertie Toy Box. Stay tuned!

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