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June 27, 2018 1 min read

Bertie Toy Box

We are excitedly anticipating the relaunch of the Bertie Toy Box, another mid-century modern design from Kiersten Hathcock, a winner on ABC's Shark Tank and mom of two! Bertie will be available in early July, so we are officially taking preorders.

Truly heirloom-quality furniture, Bertie is a modern storage piece that can store lots of toys for the little ones in your life. Bertie is perfect for small spaces and can even double as an end table. 

Like all of our Mod Mom Furniture designs, Bertie's bold color and whimsical style appeal to kids. Its puzzle-piece lid is easy for little hands to grasp and helps make putting toys away more fun.

But with its iconic mid-century modern design, Bertie can also fit seamlessly in any room of your house—while also making toys go away when parents need a clean room.

To learn a bit more from Kiersten on Bertie, read about a hilarious misadventure that enabled this mom-turned-entrepreneur to gain faith in her own wings

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