Bertie Toy Box Relaunch Joins Owyn and Gracie: Another Design from ABC's Shark Tank Winner, Kiersten Hathcock

Bertie Toy Box Re-Launch 

We're excited to relaunch Kiersten Hathcock's Bertie Toy Box, joining her Owyn Toy Box and Gracie Storage Chest.

What makes Bertie special? 

  • Bertie is the perfect piece of toddler furniture for small spaces or to double as an end table.
  • Bertie's lift-off, puzzle-piece lid is just the right size for little hands and helps make putting toys away more fun.
  • Bertie ships almost completely assembled: just attach the castors.
  • The castors make it easy for kids to roll Bertie around, but two of the four castors have breaks, so Mom can put a lid on playtime.
  • Bertie—like all of Kiersten's designs—fits adult spaces as well as a nursery or play room.

Here's what Kiersten says about her "ah ha!" design inspiration for Mod Mom Furniture: 

"Many houses in LA (where we lived) have modern, streamlined decor, and I started wondering where all of these families were putting their toys. It was not in plastic bins or toy boxes with cartoon characters plastered all over them. With that said, Shark Tank producers encouraged me to lead with the “we needed a toy box” story—and that was kind of true. We were always needing storage. When I looked online and saw there was only one mod toy box available, the light bulb went off in my head. I realized there was a market for modern-looking toy storage that would look good in any room of the house. The only obstacle was figuring out if I could build them."

You can read on to learn a bit more about Kiersten's behind-the-scenes experiences as a Shark Tank winner, her basketball-playing Grandma's influence on her Gracie design, or her misadventures in delivering Bertie to celebrities. Enjoy!

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