Back to School at Home, Lesson 1: Snowy Egrets

Is your toddler sad that she isn't heading back to school with her older siblings? Or do you like to add a little learning to the weekend?

We have a solution for both situations! Periodically during this 2018-2019 school year, we're offering at-home lessons for you and your child to share. 

Lesson 1: Snowy Egrets are migrating south through Denver, and we caught this video on our morning walk. 


Did you know that:

  • Snowy Egrets eat fish, worms, insects, and frogs that are in or around the water.
  • Male birds select and build their nests in the spring, usually in the top branches of shrubs or trees.
  • Male birds build their nests with twigs, grass, and moss.
  • Male Snowy Egrets perform dramatic dances and calls to attract female birds.
  • Snowy Egret parents protect their nests fiercely.
  • Baby Snowy Egrets hatch in 24-25 days.

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