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April 19, 2019 2 min read

We are excited about the next few months at Little Colorado. You can expect to see lots of new products in the pipeline, and we are announcing the first launch of the season today. Beginning next week, we will offer two new color options for all our painted toddler furniture: "Taffy Pink" and "Simply Grey." As you consider your child’s perfect bedroom or playroom, they represent two completely different directions in design.

As any paint-covered toddler can tell you, color choices are important—whether in a playroom, where creativity, learning, and fun happen every single day, or a bedroom, where sleep, dreams, and storytelling renew and refresh your little one. Your selection can depend on a number of considerations, among them, the furniture’s function and placement in the room, your child’s personality, and the theme for the space.

We have offered a pastel"Soft Pink"for many years. It is simple, calm, and lovely. But a few years ago, we private labeled a wardrobe for an upscale brand, and one of its featured colors was “Taffy Pink.” We loved this vivid and playful inspiration so much that we decided to borrow it for our Little Colorado product line. “Taffy Pink” shouts out with irrepressible boldness and joy. It’s perfect as an accent piece (Classic Step Stool or Doll Cradle, anyone?), as a statement item (perhaps the Big Toy Box), or as the reflection of a kid whose spirit sings out loud in a uniquely personalized Pull Cart. 

Grey is probably our most requested color and, from what Sherwin Williams tells us, is "right on trend." The tough part was picking the right shade. We think our “Simply Grey” creates a timeless, neutral, and serene feeling when you use it for multiple pieces of furniture in a bedroom or reading area (think of our Bench Toy Box, Traditional Toddler Bed, Traditional Bookcase, Toddler Bedside Stand, Modern Toddler Bookcase, Peg Shelf, Cheval Mirror, Classic Wardrobe, or Vanity & Bench Set). In some lights, its minimalist tones appear nearly white. You can also consider “Simply Grey” as an accent: placing it next to the warmer wood tones of any of our stained furniture, for example, can give a multidimensional look to large play spaces (try our Captain’s Chest, Classic Toddler Wooden Toy Chest, Treasure Chest, Arts & Crafts Table with Open Back Chairs, Nine Bin Toy Organizer, Storage Cubby, or Waldorf Wooden Play Stands & Arches).

Colors truly set the tone in a room, but our new color reveals are just the beginning. Over the next few months, we will launch at least one new product every few weeks. Be on the lookout for new toy box styles, toddler beds, and play tables. But there’s more! Coming soon is a whole new category for Little Colorado: decor items for your toddler’s bedroom and playroom walls. You won't want to miss these announcements!


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