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January 30, 2018 2 min read

The historic Super Blue Blood Moon was on view early in the morning hours of Wednesday, January 31, 2018. This historic event provides the perfect opportunity for weeks to come to share moon-themed stories with your kids. From Margaret Wise Brown's iconic Goodnight Moon, to Jane Yolen's Caldecott-Medal-winner Owl Moon—to Eric Carle's Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me, our Traditional Toddler Bed is the ideal spot for kids to cuddle up and read about the moon. The last time this event occurred in the Western Hemisphere was in 1866. A shot from Time shows its beauty:

2018 Super Blue Blood Moon from Time Magazine

Traditional Toddler Bed with Playing Child

As the New York Times reports: "The celestial event is known as a 'blood moon,' and it occurs as the moon slides behind Earth’s shadow during a lunar eclipse. Unlike last summer's solar eclipse — where the moon momentarily blocked out the sun — a lunar eclipse is when Earth moves in between the sun and the moon. For half the planet, the cosmic alignment will turn the moon a coppery color for just over an hour. 

Moon-Themed Stories with Little Colorado

Lunar eclipses are not uncommon, but the coincidence of Wednesday’s blood moon with other astronomical events is what makes this event special. First, because it is a 'blue moon' — that means it is the second full moon to occur in a month. Also, it is a supermoon, meaning it will be closer to the Earth than usual, but the difference in size is hardly noticeable." Some people call "this lunar trifecta . . . the 'super blue blood moon.'”

Those of us in Denver who are on Mountain Time saw this awe-inspiring event between 4:48 and 6:30 on Wednesday morning, local time. Since we don't get started at our Denver plant until 8:00, we took a good look before getting back to building the American-made kids' furniture we're known for.

 Traditional Toddler Bed


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