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March 15, 2018 2 min read

Spring Crocus

Easter is around the corner, and moms and dads everywhere are decorating eggs, planning Easter egg hunts, and coordinating other fun activities. But whether you are a doting grandparent, aunt or uncle, or toddler buddy, you can give parents a huge break by purchasing a sweet gift for your favorite sweet-toothed toddler—without the sugar. No more sugar-laden meltdowns!

Here are 10 great ideas for alternatives to chocolate bunnies:

1. Sidewalk Glitter Chalk

This sidewalk chalk literally glimmers in the sun, providing exciting inspiration for toddler creativity. And it washes away instantly with a little water. Game on!

Glitter Chalk

2. Hopping Bunny Walker Push Toy

Suitable for kids aged 12 months and up, this brightly-colored toy is fun to play with and helps toddlers learn to walk on their own. It is safe for your child and environmentally friendly, with all non-toxic paint and formaldehyde-free glue. Even better: it is interactive, with plush bunnies that hop with each toddler stride.

Hopping Bunny Walker Push Toy

3. Think & Learn Teach 'n Tag Movi

This amazing toy fosters critical thinking, enhances movement and motion, and helps preschoolers learn to follow directions and listen carefully with fun games. With 3 exciting game modes and 6 games to choose from, Teach 'n Tag Movi keeps kids thinking (and moving!).

Think 'n Learn

4. Doll Cradle

What little girl's room would be complete without a piece of American-made kids' furniture like this handcrafted Knotty Pine doll cradle? It promises sweet dreams for stuffed animals and dolls, and is both an heirloom-quality and eco-friendly keepsake.

Doll Cradle

5. Symphony Croc

Music toys foster brain development, encourage a sense of rhythm, and hone small motor skills. This croc's whimsical design and playful expression make music time fun!

Symphony Croc

6. FurReal Roarin' Tiger

When kids roar or make sounds at him, this playful tiger roars back. This tiger pet responds with 100+ sound and motion combinations. And he interacts with his toy!

FurReal Tiger

7. Hide & Squeak Toy Eggs

This toy includes two matching games in one: 6 eggs with unique colors and shapes. The shells crack open to reveal six egg-straw special colorful chicks. Press down gently on their heads to hear them cheep. 

Hide & Squeak Toy Eggs

8. Bilderhoos Architectural Play Sets

The 'Hoos 2.0 Architectural Play Set makes builders out of kids.  No tools are needed. The boards notch together snugly, and come apart easily to be built again as something entirely new, over and over again. The possibilities for creative exploration are endless! And it's sturdy enough to climb on.  It's tough. 

Bilderhoos Architectural Play Sets

9. Foam Pogo Jumper

This jumper can accommodate children of all sizes and supports up to 250 pounds, meaning it’s just as enjoyable for parents who want hopping fun of their own! There is a squeaker in the base, so toddlers can hear a symphony of sound as they bounce around the yard.

Pogo Foam

10. Toddler-Sized Adirondack Chair

This kid-sized wooden Adirondack Chair is a classic design from Maine for both indoor and outdoor use and makes toddlers feel grown up. All three available colors are Sherwin Williams water-based latex house paint, so they are safe for your toddler and will hold up to the elements.

Adirondack Chair

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