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March 26, 2018 3 min read

Thanks, Consumer Advocate's Terrence Gordon, for spotlighting Little Colorado this week in his "Essential Kids Guide to Denver." Each week, Gordon identifies the "top eight varying areas of interest for youth-oriented associations and activities in Denver." His goal is to find "engrossing, guaranteed-to-entertain" activities and organizations as well as vitally-needed services for kids, all while keeping parents and youth organizations on a budget. 

We're honored to have made the list. Here are 5 other toddler gems Gordon uncovered for Denver residents to take advantage of: 

1. The Colorado Children's Immunization Coalition (CCIC)

CCIC is a statewide nonprofit that brings together public health departments, businesses, legislators, community organizers, health care providers, and families to protect the health of children and their parents by bringing immunization to every home. CCIC also serves as a vital information source on international diseases and their potential impact on families. Importantly, it does not accept funding from vaccine manufacturers and distributors. Thanks, CCIC, for keeping Colorado kids healthy!

The Colorado Children's Immunization Coalition

2. Monkey Bizness

The folks at Monkey Bizness know that active play is a integral part of a healthy child's development, affecting mind, body, creativity, coordination, and socialization skills. Terrence Gordon adds that a frightening 74% of kids between the ages of 5 and 10 do not get sufficient exercise, with safety concerns and inclement weather only contributing to the problem. Monkey Bizness literally covers those challenges, with its indoor setting and awesome jungle gyms, slides, toddler and infant play areas, play structures, and more! Better yet, Monkey Bizness offers food and hosting opportunities for birthday parties and other special events. Game on, Monkey Bizness!

Monkey Bizness

3. Kids in Need of Dentistry (KIND)

This valuable nonprofit serves Colorado children statewide who need help in getting high-quality care that doesn't break their parent's budget. Eliminating dental disease and a lifetime of sad smiles makes for happy kids and satisfied families. KIND has been providing these important services since 1912 and offers lots of volunteer opportunities for the community. Thank you, KIND, for helping children show their adorable grins without hesitation!

Kids in Need of Dentistry

4. artSPARK

Looking for hands-on arts and music opportunities for your kids? Terrence Gordon found the perfect space for you: a community-based studio where kids can have fun, get creative, and be messy. And summer camp registration is now officially open on the artSPARK website, with art camps for children aged 5-15 and art classes for ages 1-6. Something for every toddler! This studio's teachers combine multiple pedagogical approaches, including Montessori, TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior), as well as elements of a Ruggio environment's process-based approach on the needs of each, individual student.


5. Book Trust

All Title I schools can access the services of this amazing organization that brings books to children and abides by the motto, "Today a reader, tomorrow a leader." Sounds about right to us! During the 2016-2017 year, Book Trust delivered 1.2 million books to over 51,000 kids. Yes: you read that correctly. Book Trust, parents, and teachers know that consistent readers develop higher levels of self-esteem, stronger interpersonal and social skills, and they gain higher test scores across the board and in different subject areas.

Book Trust

Terrence Gordon writes that Little Colorado "provides a unique service you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, by sustainably and responsibly bringing to life creative, heirloom-quality furniture your toddler is sure to love. For over thirty years, all of their products have been American-made, 100% wood, never plastic or laminate, created with the firm, daily commitment to making choices that are good for the future. With the Rocky Mountains as an inspirational background, the company manufactures bookcases, toy boxes, chairs, and tables, to name just a few." Thanks again, Consumer Advocate

Little Colorado

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