Three Adorable New Toy Boxes: A Collaboration with Bannor Toys

Toy boxes designed by Bannor Toys

We are incredibly excited to announce that on Thursday, May 16, Little Colorado will be launching three new toy boxes—all in playful, modern silhouette shapes with no lid. Meet Whale, Elephant, and Train, designed by Bannor ToysBannor has been on our radar since Noelle and I bought Little Colorado and we're excited to be able to collaborate with them.

These three toy boxes are adorable, but what really makes this launch special for us is the opportunity to collaborate with another small business that shares Little Colorado's vision and goals. Bannor Toys began in a basement and Little Colorado in a garage, starting small but dreaming big. Like Little Colorado, Bannor Toys is committed to manufacturing in America and to creating wooden products that stimulate kids’ curiosity, imagination, and learning—without batteries or a screen. Their line of toys is beautiful, and we have been impressed with their rapid growth. We are envious of their social media prowess and independence from Amazon. When they discontinued their toy boxes, we saw an opportunity and are thrilled to establish this partnership.

We believe that manufacturing our products in the USA by hand and out of a sustainable material like wood is very important—to our employees, to our toddler customers, and to the environment. Over 90% of our competitors' toy boxes, tables, and storage products are plastic or made in China. This likely means they are constructed with lower quality materials, questionable construction practices, and potential dangers to your child. We don’t believe parents really want that for their children, given a choice. We just need to do a better job of getting the word out to moms and dads that there is a choice. Collaborating with Bannor is a big step along that journey.

We are proud of our commitment to manufacture in America because it allows us to pay our employees a living wage, ensure the safety of the materials we use, and reduce our carbon footprint. Frankly, we wouldn’t be in the toddler furniture business otherwise. But it’s not easy competing with cheaply-constructed products manufactured overseas.

Low wages are not the only reason American brands choose to manufacture outside of the United States; the ability to export and avoid US environmental, air, and water regulations also lures companies overseas. So, Little Colorado is thrilled to be staying right here in Denver, supporting our people, our community, and our planet. Like Bannor Toys, we do this because we believe in heirloom quality: not just for our furniture, but also for our communities and for the world.

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