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December 05, 2017 1 min read

Last year Little Colorado's Large Play Table received an impartial award: it was ranked the 7th best train table for 2016. Traditionally, this Large Play Table is also one of our hottest sellers during the holidays, and we know why. 

Made from the best available Baltic Birch, our Large Play Table will support 300 pounds and will fit the play surfaces manufactured by BRIO and others for train sets. A set of two rolling storage drawers are a practical complement to this product (sold separately).

Furthermore, many of our competitors' products are specifically painted to serve only as train tables, while ours offers many more exciting possibilities for your toddler. We believe that the huge surface area and clean look is what allowed us to complete with more focused “train” designs. Plus: made in Denver.

And since we are on the subject of play tables: check out our newly launched Half Play Table (pictured below with the Large Play Table for scale). Because our Large Play Table is truly enormous, we imagined some customers might not have sufficient room for it. The result is the Half Play Table, designed to be identical but half the size of its prize-winning original.

Here is the link to our original announcement post.


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