When to Buy (and Not Buy) Unfinished Toddler Furniture

Whether you want to add a creative touch to your child’s room, or choose a simple piece, Little Colorado has furnished and unfurnished toddler furniture for you! Not sure if finished or unfinished furniture is best for you? See the reasons to buy each below.

Reasons to Buy Unfinished Furniture

#1 Unfinished Furniture is Less Expensive.

Unfinished furniture from Little Colorado allows you to buy great quality toddler furniture at a lower price point. All that is left to you is painting or staining the piece in a style that is uniquely your own!

Example of originally unfinished toddler chair custom painted.

#2 Unfinished Furniture Allows You to Perfectly Match Your Own Décor

Unfinished toddler furniture grants you the opportunity to tailor the finished product to your home’s personal décor. Whether you want to incorporate a special theme, or match a room’s aesthetic, Little Colorado’s unfinished furniture is a great option to make your toddlers’ furniture their own.

Example of originally unfinished toddler table painted with Dr. Seuss theme.

#3 You Can Sell Your Creations on Etsy

Painting or finishing unfinished toddler furniture can be a great opportunity to produce products for sale on Etsy.  Etsy is a global marketplace created to sell unique and creative goods. An individual’s creative ability coupled with Little Colorado’s unfinished furniture can forge a great business opportunity.

Example of unfinished toddler Adirondack chair.

#4 You Want to Try DIY

Finishing your own toddler furniture is a terrific do-it-yourself opportunity. Painting Little Colorado’s unfinished Arts & Crafts Table and Chairs or Adirondack Chair along with many other options can be a fun and creative project. DIY furniture brings a custom and whimsical look to any room. 

Example of painted unfinished toddler furniture table and chairs.

#5 You Can Pick Your Own Finish (Paint, Wax, Stain)

Little Colorado uses all water-based paints. However, if you want to choose your own type of finish: either a specific paint, wax or oil, buying unfinished furniture from Little Colorado is a great option. Finishing furniture yourself allows you to know exactly what is on the furniture, and also allows you to tailor the finished product to perfectly fit your style.

Example of originally unfinished toddler furniture now painted.

Reasons to Buy Finished Furniture

#1 Have the Piece Ready When it is Delivered to Your Doorstep

Leave the finishing to the toddler furniture professionals and have your piece ready the moment you take it out of the box! Little Colorado offers many different stains and paint colors that our customers love.

#2 You are Pressed for Time

Little Colorado also sells beautiful finished toddler furniture! When life gets busy and you simply don’t have the time or don’t want to spend the time on painting or staining your own piece, opt for Little Colorado’s finished furniture such as our bookcases, play tables, chairs or toy boxes.

How to Finish Our Unfinished Toddler Furniture

When finishing Little Colorado furniture, there are a multitude of options – too many to cover here. Generally speaking, if you follow the directions listed on the packaging you should be okay. The most important universal advice is to be sure the surface is clean, dry, and sanded as well as you want (once you start finishing with oil, paint or stain, you can’t easily go back). When painting, we recommend first using a primer, then at least one coat of paint. Water-based paints are usually the safest option, but if you want to use the piece outdoors, they will limit its weather resistance (such as our Adirondack furniture).



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