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February 13, 2019 2 min read

Little Colorado Kids Adirondack Rocking Chair

Sure, the last big snow is still melting here in Denver, but spring is on our mind. And already, during the sunny days, stir-crazy toddlers are asking to play outdoors. 

Our Adirondack furniture is perfect for your little ones to bask in the sun, and each piece is perfectly sized for little bodies. So many options!

While enjoying a board book, your toddler can sit in the Adirondack Chair, with a sippy cup placed safely on the Adirondack End Table. Want a full-fledged picnic? Try our Toddler Picnic Table: it's sturdy enough to support 200 pounds, so it's equal to a monster feast.

The toddlers we know can entertain themselves for very long time with the Adirondack Rocking Chair. How fun is it to rock on your own power (or to rock your favorite stuffed animal or soccer ball)? Tip-over bumpers and rounded edges make this rocker stable while everybody has fun. 

The special touches we add to our furniture—for safety, or for Lands’ End style, in the case of the Adirondack furniture—shows our care for handcrafting pieces that will make you and your children feel special. From our fanciful animal-themed bookshelves, to printed toy boxes, to our midcentury modern Mod Mom furniture, designed by ABC's Shark Tank winner Kiersten Hathcock—Little Colorado can fit any room and any outsized personality.

Safety and creativity are huge, but we also care about sustainability. Our kids Adirondack furniture is sourced from environmentally-sustainable wood and covered in Sherwin Williams water-based paint, so it can be used indoors or outdoors and is safe for your child.

That said, because it is water-based, the paint stands up to getting wet but will last longer on a covered porch or patio. If you want better weather resistance, we advise buying the furniture unfinished and applying something like Thompson's Water Seal yourself. Lots of our DIY moms and dads love this option—with a lower price to boot!

At the end of the day, though, we know that toddlers just gotta play! Go to it!



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