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This summer we worked hard to make our website more user friendly. Our goal was to create a better experience for our customers.

To that end, we added the opportunity for you to review your purchases. While we hope the reviews will help you learn about and compare our products, we also want to understand what you like and don't like about our toddler furniture.

For instance, a recent reviewer of our Toddler Picnic Table said it was smaller than expected, so we are taking a look at a few things:

  • Design: Can we slightly enlarge the table without increasing the price?
  • Product Photos: Should we invest in more photos with kids, so parents can get a better sense of scale?
  • Product Description: Should we modify the product page so dimensions show up on the first bullet point?

The thing is: we know that reviews gain credibility with quantity, so we'd love to see more of them. We are offering 20% off your next littlecolorado.com purchase if you publish a review. Want to give it a try?


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  • Thank you for a great product.

    Owen was very close to climbing out of his crib. I changed the side rail to the “toddler” rail.

    Luckily, I had a video camera watching Owen.

    He backed out of the crib, as he has been taught to do on stairs and off couches. His foot went through the rail opening and his body fell through the gap. He was hanging by his foot screeching.

    That wasn’t going to work! The crib slats were too close for a head to get through but not a foot. At 14 months, he was ready to transition to a toddler bed- THAT WAS SAFE.

    We love your sturdy and well made toddler bed. More importantly, Owen loves it too.

    Shelby McChord

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