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Looking for a Top-Ranking Play Table? Save 30% in December.

During the month of December, our best-selling Large Kids Play Table and Half Play Table will be on sale, along with the double and single Storage Drawers that can be purchased with them.

The 30% off sale is available on our website and at our Denver showroom. Just use the discount code PLAY30OFF.

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Hate Staying Up on Christmas Eve to Build Your Toddler's Gifts? We Have a Solution.

Most parents can tell the sad tale of a Christmas Eve night wrecked by a seemingly endless assembly nightmare. Surrounded by tools and foiled by missing parts and confusing diagrams, they vow, "Never again!" 

We get it, and even better, we have a solution.

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Forget Shopping! Five Fun Things to Do with Your Kids on Black Friday

For some of us, Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, and for many of us, the following day is a consumer adventure--in shops if we have the day off, or online. We discovered a few alternatives, ranked in no particular order. Read on to learn a bit more. 
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Mod Mom Furniture Sale Celebrates Our Showroom Launch: Save 30% in November

The next time you are in Denver, come see Mod Mom toy boxes in person. Our show room is open and ready for business. Mod Mom toy boxes are truly u...
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Watch for Kiersten Hathcock, Mod Mom Founder, at TEDx Sedona on November 3rd

We are excited to share the news about Kiersten's forthcoming talk at TEDx Sedona next month, "Become the Carpenter of Your Life.As she will explain there, "becoming the carpenter of her own life meant doing things she never imagined and discovering buried truths along the way." Eleven years ago, this 34-year-old ex-TV network executive & mom of two unexpectedly went from corporate to carpentry. She faced the typical entrepreneurial challenges as well as personal personal realizations that rocked her world. It's an amazing journey. We applaud her entrepreneurial spirit and her fearless advocacy. 

We thought this was a great time to republish our interview with her from earlier this year. Enjoy the incredible backstory behind our Mod Mom furniture.

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Four Awesome Ideas for Pre-Halloween Toddler Fun

Yep, Halloween is just around the corner. And we found four great ideas for spider-licious holiday fun with your favorite toddler. Enjoy! 
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Back to School at Home, Lesson 3: Colorado's Fall Tarantula Migration

Although you may associate big spiders with Halloween, every fall Southern Colorado residents witness a migration through their part of the state. Thousands of male tarantulas are on a walkabout. From September through mid October they travel, looking for a mate. And they don't eat at all during that time!
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Back to School at Home, Lesson 2: Migrating Pelicans

Is your toddler sad that she isn't heading to school with her older siblings? Or do you like to add a little learning to the weekend? We have a so...
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Write a Review and Save 20% on Your Next Order

This summer we worked hard to make our website more user friendly. Our goal was to create a better experience for our customers.

To that end, we added the opportunity for customers to review their purchases. While we hope the reviews will help you learn about and compare our products, we also want to understand what you like and don't like about our toddler furniture.

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Bertie Toy Box Relaunch Joins Owyn and Gracie: Another Design from ABC's Shark Tank Winner, Kiersten Hathcock

We're excited to relaunch Kiersten Hathcock's Bertie Toy Box, joining her Owyn Toy Box and Gracie Storage Chest.

Read on to find out what makes Bertie so special.

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Back to School at Home, Lesson 1: Snowy Egrets

Is your toddler sad that she isn't heading back to school with her older siblings? Or do you like to add a little learning to the weekend?

We have a solution for both situations! Periodically during this 2018-2019 school year, we're offering at-home lessons for you and your child to share. 

Lesson 1: Snowy Egrets. Read on to learn about these amazing birds and see a video of a Snowy Egret foraging for breakfast.

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Back to School: Helping Our Teachers

It's that time of year again: back-to-school days. Parents and kids are shopping for school supplies, lunch boxes, and backpacks, and little pre-school tots are excited to join their older siblings on that big first day.

But did you know that school teachers regularly set up their classrooms on their own dime? Read a bit more to find out how you can help.

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