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Back to School: Helping Our Teachers

It's that time of year again: back-to-school days. Parents and kids are shopping for school supplies, lunch boxes, and backpacks, and little pre-school tots are excited to join their older siblings on that big first day.

But did you know that school teachers regularly set up their classrooms on their own dime? Read a bit more to find out how you can help.

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Toy Box Safety Tip #1: A Lid that Stays Put

This is the first in a four part series highlighting the key safety features to look for in a toy box. 

Most toy box safety features are aimed at two potential accidents:

  • the lid dropping on little fingers or
  • a toddler getting inside the box and not being able to get out.

Our first tip is primarily focused on the first case, along with a video demonstration

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BRIO Railway Starter Set Named One of the Best Toys of 2018 by ASTRA

Congrats to our friends at Brio! ASTRA (American Toy Specialty Retailing Association) has awarded its prestigious "Best Toys for Kids" to their Ra...
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Art Is for Everyone: Four Essentials for Toddler Creativity this Summer

We were at the annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival here in Denver, and was it amazing: paintings, sculpture, furniture, glassware, jewelry—you name it. But we especially loved its recreation station for kids, from toddler age up. Even the wee ones took a turn creating their own large scale paintings.

But parents and teachers know that your kids can have the same fun at home. Read more about four essentials for 2018.

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Bertie Toy Box, from Kiersten Hathcock, winner of ABC's Shark Tank: its mid-century modern design fits in any room of the house

We are excitedly anticipating the relaunch of the Bertie Toy Box, another mid-century modern design from Kiersten Hathcock, a winner on ABC's Shar...
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ABC's Shark Tank Winner Kiersten Hathcock on Her Bertie Toy Box, and the Moment When a Mom-Turned-Entrepreneur Gained Faith in Her Own Wings

Our partner, Kiersten Hathcock, started Mod Mom Furniture. Mod Mom would lead her to a win on ABC's Shark Tank and many other adventures (and misadventures) along the way. One of those misadventures involved her Bertie, a toy box we're relaunching next week, and Noah, coming out later this year. Read on to learn more about the power of her entrepreneurial spirit.
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How about a Little Science for Kids in the Backyard?

Last weekend we caught a video of this stunning butterfly seeking nectar in our backyard. 

The slow-mo phone setting lets you witness the wonders of flight, the amazing structure of those gorgeous wings, the near-miss landing on the flower stalk!

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See How We Carve Personalization into Our Toy Boxes!

Want to add a toddler's name, a nick name or even a phrase or motivational saying to their toy box? You can with Little Colorado. While many manufacturers personalize with vinyl letters overseas, we do much of our personalization by carving into the wood with our CNC #1 machine. Read on to see how we do it!
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T-Rex gets no respect?

We launched our Little Prints line of printed toy boxes seven months ago. Everyone at our office had a personal favorite. "T-Rex" and "TOYS" were predicted to be the top sellers. No one foresaw the standout popularity of the top selling design: "Field of Flowers." We are not talking just a small advantage; "Field of Flowers" outsells the next most popular design ("Alphabet Animals") 3 to 1. 
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A Storage Chest Inspired by a Record Player and a Basketball-Playing Grandmother

Kiersten Hathcock realized toddlers and their parents were missing something—toy storage inspired by mid-century designs. Her first attempt at carpentry, and ultimately what would assist in perfecting her woodworking skills, was a toy box modeled after her beloved grandmother’s record player. Here is a bit of the story.
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When to Buy (and Not Buy) Unfinished Toddler Furniture

Whether you want to add a creative touch to your child’s room, or choose a simple piece, Little Colorado has furnished and unfurnished toddler furniture for you! Not sure if furnished or unfurnished furniture is best for you? Read on to see the reasons to buy each.
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Mod Mom's Gracie Storage Chest Adds New Meaning to the "Heirloom-Quality" of All Our Toddler Furniture

We're excited to announce our re-launch of the Gracie Storage Chest, designed by mom-of-two, "Mod Mom" Kiersten Hathcock—winner of ABC's Shark Tank. Her inspiration for Gracie was her grandmother's old split-top record player. 

Gracie is a classic mid-century modern storage piece meant to look good in any room of the house, long after your kids are grown (that's why we call it a storage box). We think Gracie's timeless style adds new meaning to the heirloom quality of all our American-made kids' furniture.

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