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Toy Organizer


Toy Organizer

Additional Equipment

Compared to our Nine Bin Organizer, this model offers more flexibility and strength, because the design employs shelves rather than dowels to support the bins. In addition, in this piece, we leave a shelf empty for items like books that won't fit well in bins. The Toy Organizer is also available with casters or with stacking brackets.

PLASTIC BINS ARE NOT INCLUDED - They are 6 qt. Sterilite bins available at Home Depot

Made in Denver, Colorado.

Features and Specifications

  • Item #69
  • 33"L x 14 3/4"W x 22 1/2"H
  • Weight: Approximately 32lbs.
  • Shown in Natural.
  • Available in Natural and Unfinished.
  • Birch construction throughout.
  • Pictured bins are not included - they are 6 qt. Sterlite bins from Home Depot
  • Assembly required.

Materials and Finish

  • CARB 2 compliant birch plywood construction throughout.
  • All finishes are water-based paints and stains so that our furniture is non-toxic and safe for children. There may be an odor when first unpacked but will dissipate more rapidly with warmer temperatures and air movement.
  • Please note, all unfinished products are meant to be finished with stain, sealer or paint before use. Visit our page on working with unfinished toddler furniture to learn more.
  • All products are made to order and typically take 3-5 business days to ship.
  • Since we manufacture all Little Colorado products in our own facility, they start out as birch wood. We can offer every piece unfinished at lower prices if you would prefer to stain or paint it yourself.


Ask a Question
  • What size are the bins?

    The bins are 13 5/8" x 8 1/4" x 4 7/8".

  • How many inches between each shelf?

    The bottom shelf is 8 1/2" to the middle shelf. The middle shelf is 7 1/2" to the top shelf.

  • What are the dimensions of each shelf?

    The shelves are 33" x 13 1/2".

  • Are there no VOCs emitted? Formaldehyde emissions? Would the toy organizer qualify for Green Gold Certification? Really like your product but want to be sure it is safe for baby’s very small room if placed close to his bed. Thank you for your help

    All of our finishes are no VOC and formaldehyde free.

  • It looks like there are two different types of wood used - one clear birch plywood and the other what looks like solid unfinished wood with knots. Are the finished and unfinished made of different materials?

    No, they are both birch plywood.

  • what is the white cover on the two shelves? Are they painted white or is it some plastic added?

    The Toy Organizer is now made of Birch as you see in the first image. It no longer has the white Melamine you see in the other pictures.