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Sodura Aero Table & Stools (2) Set


Sodura Aero Table & Stools (2) Set


This table and stools set is a fun little play set for kids and parents, too. Cool little set that won’t look awkward when it’s mixed in with adult furniture. Aero set is more like modern furniture that is miniature. Kids can have their play furniture right in the living room or family room and it will add to the interior design instead of distracting from it. We all know that kids like to have their own special place, but they also want that special place to be close to their parents.

This set is designed to be used for coloring, snacking, or even a play date with games and LEGOs. The set comes with two stools but it’s big enough for 4 toddlers and still has enough room for coloring books and crayons.


Table: 26”L x 26”Wx 19”H
Stool: 13”L x 13”W x 11”H 


Stool: 4lbs

Table: 18lbs