Unfinished Wooden Toddler & Kids Furniture

If you are the creative type or just want a specific design, you will love our unfinished toddler furniture. Stain or paint our chairs, tables, toy boxes, or bookcases and get a lower price to boot.

Want to paint train tracks on our Large Kids Play Table? Make your toddler's Adirondack Chair a Minion? We've got you covered, and see one of our blogs on a few reasons to buy finished or unfinished furniture. 

All our toddler furniture is handcrafted from environmentally sustainable wood in Denver, Colorado.

Please note that if you are purchasing an unfinished product, we always recommend sealing, painting or staining to protect the product, preserve the manufacturer’s warranty and to ensure safety. Visit our page on sealing and painting unfinished toddler furniture to learn more.

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