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Little Colorado

Little Colorado is a majority woman-owned, Colorado-based business committed to American-made, handcrafted furniture. We build heirloom-quality, innovative, and safe furniture for toddlers and kids to play with and enjoy. 

All Little Colorado products are created in our Denver-based facility. Our toddler and kids' furniture starts as knotty pine, Baltic birch plywood, or Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF).

Our product line is an even mix of ready-to-assemble and fully-assembled products, consisting of furniture for bedrooms, playrooms and the outdoors. We call our toddler furniture “handcrafted,” because it is built completely by hand. We don’t use the term “handmade,” because we leverage the precision, efficiency, and cost savings of computer controlled routers to cut many parts.

We believe the hand craftsmanship in our assembly and finishing shows through in the final product and a provides tangible difference and value to our customers. We offer every piece unfinished at a lower price if customers prefer the fun of DIY.

Our Principles

  • Environmental Sustainability: We are committed to manufacturing exclusively in the U.S. for many reasons, but at the top of the list: we can increase environmental sustainability by reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Safe and Beautiful Materials for Toddlers and Children: We ensure your toddler’s safety by maintaining high-quality source materials. We love wood and believe it is more beautiful, healthy, and sustainable than plastic.
  • Heirloom-Quality Furniture: All our furniture is designed as heirloom quality and built to last—from one generation to the next.
  • Reasonably Priced Furniture: Our toddler and kids' furniture varies in price based on design and materials, but we strive to fit the budgets of families everywhere.
  • Furniture for Toddlers and Children: We design and build furniture for children aged 18 months to 7 years old—but not cribs for babies or bunk beds for teens—because we see our age range as an underserved niche where innovation has been lacking.
  • Timeless Design: Modern means functional, clean, and beautiful products. If toddler furniture is going to be passed down as an heirloom, as we hope ours will, our designs must be timeless.
  • Authentic and Honest Practices: Authenticity and honesty matter in everything we do.