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Refund & Refresh

Enjoy a 30% refund – Whenever, FOREVER

When your child outgrows one of our American-made birch products, send it back! We refund 30% of the original price. Then we refinish it and resell it. Our handmade, heirloom quality makes R&R possible: together, we save a tree and do our part for the planet.
      • Remove clutter as your child grows up.
      • Reduce your carbon footprint by allowing us to reuse the lumber and hardware.
      • Receive a 30% refund for your efforts!
      • Support American jobs - twice.

 This is a real refund – cash in your pocket - not a credit!

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Montessori Two-Tier Shelf

Little Colorado has two cornerstones: sustainability and high quality domestic manufacturing.

Domestic sourcing and manufacturing are crucially important to us. For years we have tried to use only domestic lumber. Unfortunately, what we have discovered is that Baltic Birch plywood (from Eastern Europe) is incredibly unique: it is exceptionally high in quality, combined with a very competitive price. We just have not found a way to replace it.

So we found the next best solution: use it twice!

There is so much to love about Refund & Refresh, but #1 is the reduction of our carbon footprint. With this program we can save both a second tree and the tremendous energy costs of a second run of processing and transportation. Carbon reduction is one of the most important goals for our planet, and we are running out of time.

Convertible Table

When you think about it, not many children’s furniture companies can offer a program like this, but for us, Refund & Refresh is fairly easy for two interrelated reasons:

        1. We build our products to last.

        2. We build our products in Denver, Colorado.

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Small Play Table with Drawers

 What products qualify? Any Little Colorado product that is made from birch plywood and is ready-to-assemble (not fully assembled) qualifies. Eligible product pages on our website will be clearly marked with the Refund&Refresh logo.

Do I need to register my purchase? No. But you do need to keep a proof-of-purchase so someday when you’re ready for a 30% reimbursement, we can confirm your identity and substantiate that we have not already refunded the order number associated with that particular purchase. We recommend printing out and saving a copy of the order confirmation, along with the order number.

Whenever you are ready to return the product:

1 - Call or email us so we can confirm the original order number and give you a return authorization number.

2 - Pack it up and send it back by UPS or FEDEX (yes, this is at your cost so it will erode your 30%. Sorry!)

3 - When we receive it, we will inspect it and within 30 days refund your PayPal account.

Large Train Table

 What condition must it be in to get 30%? We expect your furniture to be well worn and loved! We will be fully refinishing each R&R product down to bare wood and putting two new coats of finish on it, so scrapes, scratches and spills are no problem. Missing parts or parts that are damaged beyond repair will reduce your refund, but as long as only one or two parts are missing, we will still offer a refund, at 20-25%.