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Sealing and Painting Unfinished Furniture

You have received a product that is made of unfinished pine, birch or MDF material. It must be finished
with a stain, sealer or paint to protect the product, preserve the manufacturer’s warranty and to insure a
long life.

There are many options on how to do this and many sources for the finishing materials. We recommend asking for guidance at a paint store or the paint department of a hardware store for help in selecting the supplies (sandpaper, tack cloth, brush, primer, stain or paint) and the process that will work best for your desired finish.

There are also numerous locations on the internet with information on staining and painting unfinished
furniture. Here is one suggestion….

1. Do not use product until it is finished. Unsealed wood has a porous surface that will absorb stains that will be difficult to remove. It can also dry out or absorb moisture which can cause it to shrink or expand and warp or crack. Never ever leave an unfinished product outside.
2. Unassembled products may be finished before or after assembly.
3. Although your product has been partially sanded, additional sanding with a 150 to 220 grit will be necessary for best results.
4. All surfaces should be sealed in order to stabilize the wood.
5. Test stains for appearance in an area that is not visible.
6. Allow the recommended dry time between coats.
7. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and do not use until the finish is completely dry.

Always apply the finish at room temperature in a well ventilated area.