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Montessori Slatted Chair


Montessori Slatted Chair

Seat height

Our Montessori Slatted Chair is designed for children from the age of one and up. Maria Montessori created the original Slatted Chair, and we have attempted to stay as true to her design and specifications as possible. The seat of the chair is formed in such a way that the toddler is "pushed" to sit in the correct ergonomic position, instead of balancing uncomfortably on the edge of the chair. 

Ships in 1-3 weeks, please contact us if you need a more precise estimate.

Made in Denver, Colorado.

If you are interested in a custom or bulk Montessori order, please contact us or fill out our Montessori inquiry form

Features and Specifications

  • Item #MSC
  • Chair Dimensions: 12" wide. The total height is 7" taller than the seat height.
  • Seat Depth: 10 1/4"
  • Seat Height: 8", or 10"
  • Weight: 4 - 5 pounds, depending on the height
  • Available in Natural finish
  • Construction of 15mm Birch plywood
  • Ships fully assembled

Materials and Finish

  • CARB-2 compliant 15 mm Birch plywood construction throughout.
  • All finishes are water-based paints and stains, so our furniture is non-toxic and safe for children. There may be an odor when products are first unpacked, but it will dissipate more rapidly with warmer temperatures and air movement.
  • Please note, all unfinished products are meant to be finished with stain, sealer, or paint before use. Visit our page on working with unfinished toddler furniture to learn more.
  • Since we manufacture all Little Colorado products in our own facility, they start out as birch wood. We can offer every piece unfinished at lower prices if you would prefer to stain or paint it yourself.