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Modular Monti Wardrobe Conversion Kit


Modular Monti Wardrobe Conversion Kit

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Our Modular Monti system is a line that converts a simple shelf into a desk, a dollhouse, a self-care station, and more. It is designed to grow and transform as your toddler does, with interchangeable parts that turn existing furniture into different, exciting products that suit your child's current size and varied interests.

Conversion kits allow you to totally change the functionality of a Modular Monti piece of furniture from one function to another without buying a whole new piece. 

The Wardrobe conversion kit includes a top shelf that accommodates the wardrobe rod holders, and a hanger rod.

Standard lead time of 3-5 business days for a Montessori product.

Note: These conversion kits are for pre-purchased Montessori shelves ONLY. If you do not have a shelf, please visit our Modular Montessori collection here

If you do not see your shelf combination, it may not be compatible with this conversion kit. Please visit our page to see the combination possibilities here.

As part of our Refund&Refresh program, when your children outgrow their furniture we will buy the product back from you for 30% of its original purchase price.


Made in Denver, Colorado.

If you are interested in a custom or bulk Montessori order, please contact us or fill out our Montessori inquiry form